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Missoni Upcycled Chair

I am loving this chair, which has been upcycled by Charlotte Clemance. It's covered with Missoni Jenkin and purple fabric and would look fabulous in my bedroom!

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Ikea PS Selma

The Ikea PS Selma chair is a bit of an odd ball and thats why we like it. You can turn the cushions to change the picture and also adjust your seating comfort. It's easy to keep clean as said covers are removable and machine washable. We recommend you check this one out in person next time you're at Ikea . £249.

Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair is an icon. Designed in 1929 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe but in the early 1950's exclusive manufacturing and sales rights went to Knoll who have been making it ever since. It's lovely. Made to order, you're looking at least £3K but there are many good reproductions out there.