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A blog for all those who love chairs. Simple.

About Chair Lovers...

Love Chairs? If so this is the blog for you. We'll be bringing you the best chairs out there. From iconic designs, midcentury modern, the latest additions to the market, eBay finds and bits and bobs which pay homage to our love of chairs. If you too have a love of chairs, let us know. Keep in touch and make sure you let us know if you stumble across any chairs we should be featuring here.

Another Tit-Bit...

If you're featuring a chair on your blog or site, launching a new product or just have something to say - get in touch. Click the links below to get in touch or to find out how to advertise on this site.


So what is Chair Lovers

We hope this page will shed some light, to enable you to understand who we are and what we do. Let’s start at the beginning…

Chair Lovers was launched in 2010 by it’s founder, Claire Claire loves chairs. Claire needed an outlet for that love, thus this site was born. Simple.

Chair Lovers is not…

  • a retailer
  • a manufacturer
  • a PR agency

We don’t…

  • accept payment to write about a product
  • rave about products we don’t like

We do…

  • undertake reviews. This means we have physically tested the product. All tested items are rated out of 5. All reviews are clearly labeled as such, and we will state our relationship with the product i.e. how we came to review the item. This may be because we own them, or have used the service or we have been sent an item to trial.
  • accept paid advertising on the site, however, this does not mean the items advertised will be featured in an editorial. The two are not linked in anyway whatsoever. Advertising on this site is not a form of endorsement. You can advertise your product and/or service on this site by contacting us. We charge based on tenancy. Tenancy means we charge a rate for each ad to sit in the spot per month.
  • have a number of people who contribute to the site, their relationship with any product and/or service will be explicitly stated.
  • link with affiliate programmes, this means if you follow a link we have provided to a product and then go on to purchase that product we receive a very small % of the cost. It’s very, very small, and we hope some day it will at least pay for the hosting of this site. We do not however link to products because they are part of an affiliate programme.
Coming soon ... a gallery of some of our favourites!