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Love Chairs? If so this is the blog for you. We'll be bringing you the best chairs out there. From iconic designs, midcentury modern, the latest additions to the market, eBay finds and bits and bobs which pay homage to our love of chairs. If you too have a love of chairs, let us know. Keep in touch and make sure you let us know if you stumble across any chairs we should be featuring here.

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Toad Stool = Cute Alert

Toadstool Seats from Cox and Cox

Cuteness alert! Loving these sweet toadstool vinyl stools which add some woodland fun to a bedroom or playroom. £29 each Cox and Cox.

Just for Fun : Wicker Chair Is Off Her Meds

Objects With Faces - Wicker Chair Is Off Her Meds
Happy Chair!

Now that's what we'd call a happy chair. Want to see more? Check out Happy Chair Is Happy.

Spun from Magis

Spun from Magis

Thomas Heatherwick has produced a startling twist on conventional furniture design with the Spun Chair. Made from a single profile rotated through 360 degrees the aptly named 'Spun' transforms the domestic seat into a beautifully rendered spinning top. When upright Spun is a sculptural vessel and it is only when it is lent on its side that the full possibilities of its form come to light. Spun allows its user to swivel in a circular rocking motion, including being able to rotate in a complete circle. It was launched in 2010.

You can snap this up for £323 from Nest.

Thanks to Claire over at Cheshire Mum for giving us the heads up on this one. If you've seen or own a chair that you think deserves to be featured, drop us an email to

Chair Bragging : The Panton

Nursery Bragging
To:  @chair_lover
Tweet: Nursery may lack a RAR but little one does have her own panton chair + tulip table
From: @goingitalone

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ABChairs. 26 chairs in 10 years

Chair Alphabet
There have been many attempts to make an ABC furniture. This one seems to be the longest and the most successful. A project started in 1999 as sketches and paper prototypes has really got into full swing only in 2009 and finally was presented in 2010 on a June 100x Summer Design. Original red color was changed to black and yet the projected is not completed and is still on the run. It's a design project by Roeland Otten.

Itsy Bitsy by Aarevalo

The Itsy Bitsy from Aarevalo is an MDF rocking chair available in a number of colour-ways. This is a perfect way to put a little fun in to your break out spaces. Designed by Melvin Ong and available from a range of stockists.

Prickly Cactus Chairs

Prickly Cactus Chairs
This prickly pair of chairs by Valentina Glez Wohlers is a set of cool furnishing that’s got an arty touch. Oh, by the way, it doesn’t prick when you sit on it!

Top 5 Chairs made of Trash

Trash Chairs from Inhabitat

All these chairs are made from trash. Gotta love a bit if trash to treasure design! Want to know more? See the full article over at Inhabitat.

Chair Purse

Etsy Purse from JenniferLadd
A pretty an elegant chair clutch made by jenniferladd and being sold on Etsy. Love it. £65.

Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister

Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister
I am loving the Darwin Chair by Stefan Sagmeister. It utilizes a free swinging structure that includes about 200 sheets of attached prints. As the top sheet gets dirty or tired, the user can simply rip it off thereby transforming the chair’s appearance (and the remaining perforation eventually forms a comfortable head rest). All sheets are printed with intricate patterns abstracting the creation of the universe, making their way through the creation of the world, the beginning of plant, animal and human life, all the way to the digital revolution.

Thanks to Claire over at Cheshire Mum for giving us the heads up on this one. If you've seen or own a chair that you think deserves to be featured, drop us an email to

Offecct King

The King

Loving the simple form of the Offect King. Available in a range of colours and in leather. Hubba.

Just for Fun : Extreme Chair Loving

Round Back Adirondack Chair

Archie’s Island Adirondack Chair

This is the original Archie’s Island Adirondack Chair. The circular back has a modern, Art Deco flair. It looks good. The Round Back Adirondack Chair is made of a Malaysian mahogany and and is finished with semi-gloss latex paint. Lovely.

Design Icon: Chairs iPhone App

Screen Shot

Chair fanatics can put your love to the test with this rather cool iPhone app – Design Icon: Chairs. Displaying silhouettes of famous chairs from the 19th-21st century with multiple choice selection, there’s plenty of design appreciation and education for your 59p.

Winter's Moon = Swoon

Winters Mooon Chairs
They're at it again. Winter's moon are making us go weak at the knees with their latest offerings. I want. A lot.

Hand Painted Vintage Chairs

Look at these beauties I spotted over at Etsy store RobinsWonderland. $130 USD for all four. Bargain.
Coming soon ... a gallery of some of our favourites!